Michael G. 特纳,校长
Long renowned for 卓越教育, 热爱学习, and 富有同情心的 participation in the world, 皮普 has taken bold new strides to ensure students are prepared to thrive in a dynamic and frequently challenging world.

Michael G. Turner was named 皮普’s 10th Head of School by the 校董会 in October 2018 and officially joined the 皮普 community on July 1, 2019. He is a graduate of 日耳曼敦学院 and the University of Pennsylvania, has earned a Master of Education from Arcadia University, and expects to complete a Doctorate of Education at The College of William & 玛丽. 迈克尔从圣. Michael's Episcopal School in Richmond, VA, where he served as Head of School.

In a letter to the 皮普 community announcing 迈克尔的 appointment, 校董会’ Chair Brooksley Wylie said: “Michael is a forward-thinking, 富有同情心的, 经验丰富的校长. Building on an impressive range of administrative positions, Michael will bring outstanding leadership and management to the School, as well as a strong personal commitment to diversity and inclusion, 卓越教育, 以及学生的幸福感. The committee was impressed with 迈克尔的 transformative leadership 在圣. 迈克尔的, where he laid out a clear and innovative vision for the School, developed a comprehensive strategic plan to advance that vision, and successfully executed against the strategic plan. The committee was also impressed by the strong rapport he enjoys with St. 迈克尔的 administrators, faculty, families, and students. 迈克尔的 demonstrated commitment to the student and family experience 在圣. 迈克尔的, as well as his personal warmth and engagement, make him an excellent fit at 皮普.”

Prior to serving as the Head of School 在圣. 迈克尔的, Michael was the Director of Upper and Middle School Admission, 也是一名教师, 顾问, 和教练, 在圣. 里士满的克里斯托弗学校. 在搬到里士满之前, 他是一位班主任, 老师, 顾问, 和教练 at The Roxbury Latin School in Boston. He began his career in independent schools at his alma mater, 日耳曼敦学院, 他在哪里当老师, 顾问, 和教练. 在过渡到教育之前, Michael held a variety of roles in the private and public sectors, including serving as an Assistant Managing Director for the City of Philadelphia and a management consultant.

Michael has observed that it is rare for a school of 皮普’s caliber also to possess so much potential. 他说:“希普利的战略计划, 视力20/26, wisely recognizes we cannot predict with certainty everything our students will need to learn, do, 和. 然而,, it also courageously plots a course into that future, confident the values which have defined 皮普 for well over a century position the School to pursue sustained and sustainable progress.”

皮普 welcomes Michael, his wife Meredith and their three children to the 皮普 community.
大发体育是一所私立学校, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, 位于布林茅尔, PA. Through our commitment to 卓越教育, we develop within each student a 热爱学习 and a desire for 富有同情心的 participation in the world.