What is Educating to Flourish?

Educating to flourish is an approach to educational practice that promotes a focus on actualizing human potential. 虽然这意味着继续优先发展传统的“学术”能力, 它还认识到,这些能力只是导致人类过上美好生活的一小部分, impactful lives. 使用各种科学领域支持的数据驱动方法,如神经科学, educational psychology, behavioral economics, positive psychology and more, the goal of Shipley’s approach is to cultivate flourishing, the synergistic combination of well-being and optimal performance. 此外,对构成整个希普利社区的所有选区都要这样做.

What is the History?

In 1998, renowned researcher and University of Pennsylvania Professor Martin Seligman became president of the American Psychological Association. 尽管他当时最著名的作品是“习得性无助”和抑郁症, 他转而专注于如何把已经很好的东西做得更好. Rather than focus on fixing what depletes us, 塞利格曼向科学界提出挑战,要求他们找出如何构建我们最好的东西. He called for research that would aid in the establishment of positive institutions—and educational institutions were among the first to adapt, Shipley among them.

What Have We Learned?

Research that preceded Dr. Seligman’s historic address to the APA and the vast amount of research that followed it over the past three decades has helped scholars identify a handful of components that are core to most human beings's ability to thrive. 它们构成了希普利所认为的解锁人类潜能的关键. Below, 您将找到Shipley比较和综合的框架示例,以便为我们的方法提供信息.

Where Will We Go Next?  

希普利是北美学前班到12年级教育的先驱. We are excited about the ongoing integration of our efforts toward flourishing individuals and communities with diversity and inclusion practices and will look to serve as the model institution for other schools who want to change the world for the better.

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  • Reason Behind Shipley’s Focus on Flourishing

    随着我们对"积极教育"的了解越来越多, 很明显,希普利一直致力于积极教育的哲学基础. However, there are now multiple scientific frameworks as well as evidence-based educational practices and tools to better strengthen the excellent programs and initiatives we already have in place. 用各种各样的模型来研究人类的繁荣和心理健康, Shipley has identified eight components that are core to a life well-lived, which we call the Shipley Framework for Flourishing.
    • Safety: Physical & Psychological
    • Vitality & Health: 承认身心联系的基本事实以及睡眠不可避免的现实, nutrition, movement, 呼吸都是打开我们身体和精神上最好的自我的钥匙.
    • Belonging & Connection: A sense that we can show up as our true, authentic selves and that others can do the same while still co-existing in ways that create win-win outcomes for all. 
    • Emotional Awareness & Agility: An understanding of and comfort with the range of emotional signals (both pleasant and unpleasant) that inform us and help us grow into our best selves. 
    • Character: The awareness, appreciation, and development of strengths of personality that allow us to live virtuous lives and positively impact the people and projects we are a part of. 
    • Accomplishment: 有意义的目标的完成和提供效能感的能力的发展, mastery, 和满足,同时装备我们驾驭一个日益复杂的世界. 
    • Meaning and Purpose: A connection to things (e.g. groups, communities, 让我们超越自身利益,做出贡献.
    • Deep Engagement: Experiences of flow, states of deep immersion that allow us to access our highest potentials and experience deep satisfaction as a result. 
  • How does educating to flourish interact with Shipley’s SEED program (Social, Emotional and Ethical Development)?

    Educating to flourish at Shipley is, in so many ways, the natural next step in the development of our SEED program. Led by the Co-Director of Positive Education & Student Support, Dr. Sharron Russell, and a group of other PreK - grade 12 colleagues, SEED一直是我们努力支持学生作为学习者和人的核心. Enhancing Shipley's successful SEED program was a key component of Vision 20/26, the Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2016. 了解SEED是实现我们卓越教育目标(i.e. individual well-being, collective well-being, and academic achievement), we are committed to advancing our position as a recognized leader in social, emotional, and ethical development so each of our students continues to be uniquely prepared for success in all walks of life. There is no rigid teaching method for helping students thrive; rather it is a community-wide approach to developing life skills to improve well-being for ourselves, our students, and ultimately strengthening everything we already do at Shipley, including SEED.

Meet the Team

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  • Photo of Sharron Russell

    Sharron Russell 

    Director of Student Support and Well-Being
    Phone/Extension: 4116


The Shipley School is a private, coeducational day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, located in Bryn Mawr, PA. Through our commitment to educational excellence, 我们培养每个学生对学习的热爱和对富有同情心地参与世界的渴望.